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Discover the best material for your black belt, and why samurai skilled in hojojutsu never fell for the "undone shoelace" trick. What's the difference, really, between karate and taekwondo? Why are there no buttons in the martial arts? How do ninja turn invisible?

Fudebakudo answers the questions, reveals the secrets, and rewrites the history of the martial arts.

Fudebakudo: the Way of the Exploding Pen
ISBN: 978-0-954454302
RRP £12

The Knot-Shop Man: four children embark on four journeys, each to tie a knot of fate. Written for smart children or thoughtful adults, this is a story-knot of adventures told with the lyricism of a folk song and the matter-of-factness of a book of knots.

The Knot-Shop Man is a beautiful limited edition of four-book sets, hand-finished and knotted together.

The Knot-Shop Man
(set of four books)
David Whiteland
ISBN: 978-0-954454326
only available direct

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